Reopening “Wave Two” would start in Yucatan on June 22

The decision will be based on a controlled reproduction of cases by COVID-19″, the governor said.

“As long as the reproduction of COVID-19 cases is controlled and based on what the experts of the Ministry of Health say, “wave 2″ of economic reactivation in Yucatan will be launched on June 22”, governor Mauricio Vila Dosal indicated.

“We cannot carry out full reopening thinking only on the economic issue, which is very important in our state, of course, but people’s lives at stake,” Vila Dosal stated.

It should be remembered that in wave 2, a greater influx will be allowed in hotels, restaurants, and beauty parlors, of 15%, 50%, and 50%, respectively, as well as in retail stores.

“We have said that not by yielding to pressure from the unions, which are valid and justified, we are going to put the lives of thousands of Yucatecans at risk, especially at this time when a re-emergence could be expected”, he added.

He recalled that the so-called “waves” have a minimum duration of 14 days, and in the next one, the restrictions that the restaurant owners ask for will end.

“If we don’t do things right we could get to the point where China is today, as many businesses are being forced to close again due to a new outbreak,” governor Vila Dosal concluded.