Leaders of Merida business chambers fully support the new electric carriages

Photo: Ayuntamieto de Merida

Leaders of business chambers and civil associations considered that the new Merida electric carriages project will increase the care of horses, as well as innovate the city’s tourist attractions.

Jorge Charruf Cáceres, president of Canacintra, recognized the effort and commitment of the mayor, Renán Barrera, in undertaking actions that promote environmental care and economic development in Mérida.

“Undoubtedly, the city of Mérida has traced a route towards sustainability and with the new electric carriages, a big step is taken so that we have a more environmentally friendly city,” the businessman said.

In turn, Lidia Saleh Angulo, president of the Franciscan Shelter for the Unprotected Animal, A.C. (AFAD), described this fact as something transcendent in the history of the Yucatecan capital, for the care and protection of animals, one of the most important environmentalists’ concerns.

“It really seems like a great start to eradicate the terrible issue of violence towards animals, these first six electric carriages are a good start and I think that both tourists and locals will gradually join in using this type of vehicle instead of horse-drawn carriages,” she concluded.

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