Funeral chamber found in Palenque archaeological site

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During the construction of the Mayan Train, INAH archaeologists discovered a burial chamber in Palenque, which contains a human skeleton and an offering made up of green stone plates and figures.

The discovery of a burial chamber in the archaeological zone of Palenque with a primary burial, composed of a human skeleton, and a secondary burial, an offering made up of three plates and a niche with various green stone figures, was reported by archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), informed its director Diego Prieto during the morning conference of President López Obrador, from Palenque, Chiapas.

Prieto Hernandez emphasized that the discovery was registered during the salvage of Structure CP3, during the construction works of the Mayan Train.

The head of INAH explained that the skeleton of the individual of the primary burial presents a face-up position and is oriented towards the north, something usual in the ancient funerary customs of Palenque.

The skeletal remains of the secondary deposit would correspond to a woman, who was probably buried in a different place.

Prieto Hernandez said that there is also another skull, of which the analyses continue for its identification.

The archaeological salvage tasks, said Diego Prieto, are practically concluded, nevertheless, the archaeologists and other professionals continue with the analysis and interpretation of the archaeological information.


A total of 2,655 foundations, walls and bases and 218 pieces of pottery, metates and figurines have been recovered.

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