Family offers 300 MXN pesos reward to locate a lost goose in Motul, Yucatán

Charly the goose ran away from his home and now don Simón is asking for help to locate him, for which he is offering up to 300 pesos.

Pet ownership today has diversified, it is no longer just dogs, cats, iguanas or snakes, and even pigs. In Motul, Yucatan, a family is asking for help to locate their goose. Yes, a goose.

With a poster board, don Simón, who is supposed to be the same one who exhibited Sears for not understanding him a few weeks ago, took the opportunity to announce that his goose was lost, so he wrote:

“Gratification will be given to whoever brings a goose that went out on the street near the Diconsa store. Gratification 300 pesos. Kataxah. Atte. Don Simón.”

The goose is called “Charly” and became the best pet the family could have, so he asks for help to bring him back.

TYT Newsroom

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