Family expelled from Ejido in Oxkutzcab, Yucatan as they were caught stealing lemons

(Photo: El Diario de Yucatán)

Members of the San Marcos Yaxhom irrigation unit expelled Lidia María C.C. based on the uses and customs of the Ejido, along with her two children, accused of stealing lemons in the community.

As is known, citric theft occurs due to the increase in its price and the demand in the markets.

The robbers go through the orchards stealing a kilo here and a kilo there. But few farmers report the theft to the State Prosecutor’s Office when the Municipal Police detains a thief and therefore cannot consign them to the Public Ministry.

In an assembly held last weekend, partners of that production unit also accused the woman and her children of damaging the pipes of the irrigation system.

They give the family a month to leave the ejido
Given the accusations against the family, it was decided to give them a period of 30 days to sell their rights to the ejido lots and leave the irrigation unit.

If the agreement is not complied with, the case will be turned over to the general assembly of the ejido commissioner.

Those who make up the agricultural unit of Marcos Yaxhom met to take agreements for the theft of lemon in the plots of that sector; They pointed out Lidia María C.C. and her children as the alleged thieves.

The farmer’s meeting was headed by Porfirio Ávila Jiménez; unit representative; Manuel Ávila, secretary, and Humberto Martín, treasurer. As a guest was Freddy Domínguez Aké, ejido commissioner of Oxkutzcab.

The Yucatan Times



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