Alleged ATM thieves offer restitution in exchange for release from detention

Stolen ATM (Photo: Diario de Yucatan)

If Banco Santander accepts the agreement, the five alleged thieves would be released from jail…

MERIDA — In a hearing held on Thursday November 30 at the Oral Justice Center in Merida (CJOM), there was an attempt to “solve the situation” that would favor the five suspects accused of stealing the Santander ATM, since the defense offered to repair the damages in exchange for the withdrawal of the charges.

(Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

At the end of the hearing, Santander representatives said that there was a monetary offer to resolve the case, but no formal agreement was reached.

The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday December 6th, in which Santander should have prepared a response to the offer from the lawyers of the alleged theives, prior to restitution of the damages claimed by Santander.

The conversation organized by the 2nd Court Control was made at the request of the detainees’ lawyers, since they consider resolving the conflict by “an alternative way” instead of continuing the investigations and reaching the oral trial.

Stolen ATM (Photo: Diario de Yucatan)

According to the data obtained, the offer includes the return of the nearly $800,000 pesos allegedly contained by the stolen ATM and the damage to the device and the building where it was installed, next to the offices of the Segey.

The names of the detainees are Alejandro Zamora from Veracruz, José and César Guerrero Espinosa from the State of Mexico, Aldo Agustín Limón from Oaxaca and Fernando López from Puebla.