Tenants of Municipal Markets of Mérida have all Christmas items in clearance

(Photo: SIPSE)

Mérida, Yucatán, (December 07, 2021).- In a survey of tenants at the Lucas de Gálves and San Benito markets in Downtown Mérida, they explained that this week is the last they have to be able to sell their Christmas items stock.

And it is mainly the sales that are made for Christmas inns, and school events, are that cause a rebound in the sale of items.

But, after December 17, the sale of Christmas items will drop drastically, since by that time the citizens “will have already decorated all their houses.”

Andy Sanchez, market tenant, who generally sells fruit, modified his business to sell Christmas items, and thus have more profits.

He explained that, compared to 2020, they have a 30 percent rebound in the sale of items, however, they have not been able to reach the level of sales of 2019.

Sanchez stated that after December 17th, he will return to the sale of fruits since Christmas products are not profitable anymore after that date, and people are looking to buy at a lower price as the season is nearly over.

“The celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe also helps us to have more sales, but once it is through, it is over, what is still going strong by then is the sale of firecrackers but I no longer sell that stuff,” Andy Sánchez concluded.