People in the streets searching for the best offers (Photo: La Revista Peninsular)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (November 16, 2021).- La Canacome announced that, given the good influx of customers in the Historic Center and shopping malls, it is likely that the goal of seven billion pesos in sales will be exceeded for the “Buen Fin 2021”.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mérida (Canacome), Iván Rodríguez Gasque, affirmed that there is a very good response from people to the commercial event and there is a large influx of buyers.

The business leader led a tour of Plaza Galerías, in the north of Mérida, accompanied by federal, state, and municipal authorities, where they supervised that businesses comply with offers and promotions.

Rodríguez Gasque indicated that with preliminary data that are available, it is very likely that it will be possible to exceed the seven billion pesos that were established as a goal, an amount achieved in the 2019 edition of the “Buen Fin”, before the arrival of the Covid pandemic.

“The goal we had was to match the sales of 2019, based on the data we have today, I think we are able to exceed those figures, which is undoubtedly a good message for the entire Yucatecan economy because we are talking about financial and economic recovery, especially in the commercial sector, one of the most affected by the pandemic ”, he pointed out.

(Photo: Daniel Sandoval)

The business leader added that “this Saturday and Sunday we had a very good response from consumers, and for this Monday we hope it will be greater. This is also part of the economic recovery of the entity ”, he reiterated.

During the tour, they visited the Sportico store, Ki’Xocolatl, Leones Shop, the Profeco, and Abito module, found out that the participating businesses respect the offers and promotions they offer on the “Buen Fin”.

Compliance with health care measures was also observed, both by buyers and stores, and until yesterday there was a white balance.

“The cheapest week of the year drives smart consumption, as well as online sales since this year many more companies joined digital commerce, which also motivated many Yucatecans to buy in virtual stores that also have offers and promotions ”, said the president of Canacome.

The organized trade leader asked the establishments to continue complying with the rules of healthy competition, respect their offers and correctly apply health protocols, to have the best “Buen Fin” of all editions.

Source: Sipse