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Noise pollution is killing birds and mammals in Quintana Roo

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When locals and tourists come to the jungle of Q. Roo on a tour or party, they don’t realize that noise pollution has deadly consequences on the animal population of the area.

QUINTANA ROO, (August 30, 2021).- Environmental researchers warned about the damage that noise pollution is causing in natural areas due to ecotourism and recreation activities (such as electronic music parties) that are being carried out in the jungles of Quintana Roo.

Photo: (Sipse)

Dr. Yann Hénaut , head of the Biodiversity Conservation department at El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (Ecosur), Chetumal unit, pointed out that the noise generated by parties or events in natural areas directly impacts species such as birds and mammals, who are forced to change places, due to these human activities.

“The fact of generating noise in natural areas causes a serious impact, although we cannot know it, animal species such as birds, monkeys and other mammals feel their territory invaded and migrate to other places, These are things that we do not perceive but that are happening, and it is something very unfortunate, because we affect the environment “, said the specialist

Electronic music parties in the Tulum jungle have devastating consequences on local wildlife (Photo: (Sipse)

He specifically referred to activities such as social and even sporting events within the Quintana Roo jungles, where it is customary to generate excessive noise that completely alters wildlife, generating a completely negative impact.

Examples of noise pollution: MTB groups

A clear example of this was denounced on social networks by some people who promote adventure sports, who pointed out that some sports clubs or groups enter the jungles of the south of the state and take tours listening to music, which was harshly criticized.

Photo: (Sipse)

“Everything was going very well on the trails until the MTB groups with their horns and 70 bicycles started disrupting nature, the fauna does not want to listen to their music, these people need to show some respect”, said Rodolfo Sánchez, promoter of adventure sports through social networks.

These types of situations, in addition to the festivities in natural areas, are ignored so far, but they have a severe impact on the environment, which, according to experts, completely alters the life of living beings in these places, since they have to move to other places and leave nests, burrows, dens and their homes before human presence.

Source: Sipse

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