FGE links a man for family violence against his pregnant wife in Tekax, Yucatán

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

YUCATAN, (August 30, 2021).- After the complaint was filed for physical and psychological violence, the man was subjected to informal preventive detention which will last three months until his next hearing.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) placed the T.C.H.E. citizen in connection with the process for the crime of family violence, denounced for the events that occurred in recent days to the detriment of his sentimental partner in a property of the San Ignacio neighborhood of Tekax, Yucatán municipality.

The events occurred on August 16th, when the accused carried out acts of aggression against his sentimental partner resulting in physical and psychological abuse, without caring that she is pregnant, so the victim’s family intervened and requested the support of the Municipal Police.

The bonding hearing was held at the Tekax Oral Justice Center under criminal investigation folder 59/2021 where the First Control Judge assessed the elements presented by the prosecutors after which he ruled that they were linked to the process and granted a term of three months to close the complementary investigation, time that the parties will have to continue with the investigation of the case.

Before concluding with the judicial diligence, the precautionary measure imposed during the initial hearing was ratified, so that the defendant will continue in preventive custody for the entire time that the process lasts, until his participation in the denounced events is clarified.

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