Red Tide forces fish and octopuses to land on the coast of Telchac, Yucatan

Photo: El Universal

Hundreds of marine species have washed up on the coast of Yucatan fleeing from the red tide that affects Yucatecan waters, causing residents to go to the beach and capture some of these fish.

According to inhabitants of the area, this situation has not occurred for more than a decade, so they took advantage and with buckets and hooks they took on the task of capturing various marine species.

However, this situation is not generalized since, on the beaches of Telchac Puerto, it was observed that species of fish and lobsters washed up dead.

In the place live octopuses and crustaceans were also seen that approached the shore of the coast.

According to authorities, this phenomenon could affect the octopus season, which recently started on Monday, August 1st.

They also fear that summer vacations will be affected due to the arrival of various dead species on the coast.

According to fishermen, the spot is five miles from the coast and is heading for Uaymitún and Progreso and its progress depends on the winds.

Meanwhile, Chicxulub fishermen headed to the area of ​​Uaymitún, San Benito and San Bruno to tackle octopus, lobster and species that are fleeing from the red tide.

For their part, authorities called on the population not to consume the fish, molluscs and crustaceans that flee from the macroalgae or that wash up on the beach, especially because it is not known how long they have been dead and consuming them could affect human health.

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