Yucatan police hunt down outsiders in Dzonot Aké (VIDEO)

Due to the presence of people from Quintana Roo who have refused to quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, Yucatan police officers in Dzonot Aké, (municipality of Tizimín), ended up “hunting the outsiders.”

Due to the psychosis that exists in this town, located east of Yucatan, due to the entry of people from Playa del Carmen and Cancún, the prevention measures against Covid-19 have been tightened.

Dzonot Ake is located 197 kilometers (122 miles) east of Merida (INEGI)

The hardening is due to the fact that in Quintana Roo a large number of coronavirus cases have been registered in the last 10 days, so the residents of Dzonot Aké fear being infected with Covid-19 in the presence of people who have arrived from Playa del Carmen and Cancún.

And on Tuesday April 21st, a group of “outsiders” who were “hanging out” in the main square of town, put the Yucatan police on the spot, as the officers asked them to return to their homes and comply with the quarantine.

Ignoring the indications, these men remained just siiting there, with no mouth cover, so police officers decided to arrest them, but after chasing the “outsiders” through the main park of this small town, these men ended up taking shelter inside their relatives’ homes.

The incident was caught on video and it went viral on social networks.

Source: La Verdad de Yucatan