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Flowers that attract hungry hummingbirds naturally

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With these natural flowers that you can grow in your home garden, you help the environment by feeding hummingbirds.

Mérida, Yucatán, (June 07, 2021).- Having hummingbirds in your house is always something emotional, especially when they come to feed on the plants you grow in your patio without any artificial substances and that harm the environment since they look for flowers with natural essences since the best of all this is that when we see these types of birds, we are supporting nature, using flowers that you can have at home in a very easy way since you can also have a homemade nectar dispenser.

Flowers to feed hummingbirds naturally


It is a small shrub that can measure up to a meter in height, which contains beautiful little flowers of different colors that attract a lot of attention from hummingbirds due to their soft aroma.

Lantana flower and hummingbirds
The lantana flower can easily attract hummingbirds because of its beautiful colors and scent. Photo: (wikimedia)

China rose

A beautiful plant that grows in the shape of a bush and produces incredible flowers of approximately 20 cm in diameter which can be red, yellow, orange, or pink. Roses, you can easily sow them in your garden or in a pot, hummingbirds love them in any way.

Chinese rose and hummingbirds
The Chinese rose is also called hibiscus. Photo: (Overflowers)

Bird from paradise

A wildly beautiful, easy-care flower that is equally eye-catching to humans and small birds alike. Once you have it, you will be fascinated by its beauty as it looks like a bird as its name implies.

Exotic flower
The bird of paradise flower is an exotic and rare flower. Photo: (Amazon)


These plants are generally used to decorate for their beautiful purple, red, yellow, orange, pink flowers, and various other combinations, but they are not only beautiful but delicious as hummingbirds adore them.

Geraniums and hummingbirds
Geraniums attract hummingbirds because of their beautiful colors. Photo: (Jardiland)


This is a warm, tropical plant that could thrive in a sunny garden. It is beautiful and very friendly to hummingbirds because of its great resemblance to other feathery species.

Flowers and beautiful animals.
Heliconias are flowers that, due to their beauty, attract various beautiful animals. Photo: (Scientificamerican)

Celeste Flower

It is of little care and is given easily. Its purple flowers are really beautiful, in addition, it emanates a soft aroma that will quickly attract various insects such as bees and birds such as hummingbirds.

Small flowers and insects
The celestial flower is a bouquet of small flowers that can also attract beautiful insects. Photo: (s1.1zoom)


These plants are the favorites of these little birds. Have lavender at home and you will surely have beautiful visits and a pleasant aroma in your garden.

Lavender flower and garden.
The beautiful scent of lavender will also scent your garden. Photo: (Plants and flowers)


Another visually beautiful flower, with purple, yellow and white colors. With a delicious aroma that attracts both people and many cute animals such as bees and of course hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds and beautiful flowers.
In addition to decorating your garden, you can feed hummingbirds with these beautiful flowers. Photo: (Staticflickr)


A super aromatic plant, beautiful and whose fruits are edible. That’s why it’s called chupamirto because the hummingbird sucks its rich nectar (chupar=to suck). Another favorite of the cute hummingbirds. 

Myrtus is a genus of the Myrtaceae family with one or two species, known as myrtle, myrtle, or murta. He is a native of southern Europe and North Afric. Photo: (Creacion de Jardines)


Its hanging flowers which can come in different colors remind us a lot of the plastic nectar dispensers that we usually hang to feed the hummingbirds; maybe that’s why they love them too.

cómo cuidar fucsias en casa
Known as queen earrings, Adelaide, May flower, fuchsia or 
earrings , these plants stand out for having a vibrant color in their petals. Photo: (Flores y plantas)

Sources: La Verdad Noticias / Notimex

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