Sales of arts & crafts increase by 10% during Day of The Dead week in Valladolid

Artisans who participate in the municipal tianguis Domingos Vallisoletanos, in the main park, reported  that their sales have raised 10% during Day of the Dead festivities week.

“Tourists have bought things alluding to the Day of the Dead, especially skeletons and skulls carved in stone or wood,” said a craftsman.
“They buy more necklaces and bracelets, since they are cheaper and smaller and can be easily transported; some of them do not mind to carry larger pieces, and so they acquire them” he added.Another craftsman said that they  expect an increase in sales this weekend, as many people from Quintana Roo and Yucatán will be visiting Valladolid .

“We could have an increase in sales, but it is not high season yet. December is coming soon and at that’s the time year we expect for big profits” added the Craftsman.

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