Twitter’s famous blue bird is gone

Elon Musk has recently brought about a significant change to Twitter, replacing its well-known blue bird logo with the letter “X,” which he refers to as an “everything app.” Since taking over the social media company in the previous autumn, this is one of the most prominent alterations made by the tech billionaire.

Mr. Musk announced the upcoming transformation in a tweet on Sunday morning Eastern time, stating that the Twitter brand and its bird imagery will soon be bid farewell. Approximately 24 hours later, the company’s website displayed a stylized, black-and-white X in place of the traditional blue bird logo.

This new branding was also adopted by Twitter’s corporate accounts, and it was even projected onto the side of the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, as shown in a photo shared by Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s chief executive, with the caption “Lights. Camera. X!

X logo

TYT Newsroom

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