Man arrested in Merida after beating up his wife to steal money from her

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN., May 3, 2021.- José Alberto “N”, who beat his wife and stole 300 pesos from her work in downtown Mérida, remains behind bars.

After evaluating the evidence presented by the State Attorney General’s Office, he was linked to a process for the crime of family violence.

According to the information obtained during the investigation, the events occurred on April 23, in a commercial establishment in Centro, where the complainant was attacked by the accused, who caused her injuries that take less than 15 days to heal.

After the attack, the woman filed a formal complaint that led to criminal case 101/2021 and after the investigation began, two similar acts of violence occurred on April 19 and 22 in the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz neighborhood.

At the hearing held at the Oral Justice Center of Mérida, the litigation prosecutors presented the evidence to request that the defendant’s legal situation be resolved, so the first control judge of Mérida, Antonio Bonilla Castañeda, assessed the data presented and decreed the order of binding to process.

Before concluding, the precautionary measure of preventive detention imposed in the initial hearing was ratified, which will be maintained for the duration of the process.