Dos Bocas Refinery: the devastated paradise

Photo: (El Economista)

By: Claudio Ochoa Huerta

TABASCO, May 03, 2021, (LATINUS).- The Dos Bocas refinery, in the State of Tabasco, located in the southeast of the Mexican Republic is one of the flagship projects of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but it doesn’t seem like it.

The Municipality of Paraíso, in the state of Tabasco, where the work takes place, is devastated. There is an unprecedented environmental crisis, derived from the destruction of the natural environment. 

There is an infrastructure crisis in a municipality that was not prepared for the arrival of thousands of people. There is a labor crisis over a union that exploits and extorts workers. 

There is an internal crisis among suppliers due to poor planning, design and execution of the work.

” Dos Bocas, the devastated paradise ” is a testimonial told by the protagonists, far removed from the triumphant and optimistic speech presented by the federal government.