In Yucatan, one kilo of tortilla is sold at 22 pesos

Despite the fact that some markets in Mérida a kilo of tortilla sells for 18 pesos, vendors report low sales. Photo: (Excelsior)

Merchants of the Industrial Chamber of Tortilla in Yucatan ask for the understanding of the population since the adjustment in the price of tortilla is not an abusive practice’, it is due to a rise in the price of raw materials.

Mèrida, Yucatàn, April 23, 2021, (EXCELSIOR).- Tortillerías de Yucatán sell up to 22 pesos per kilo of tortilla , according to them, due to the rise in raw materials and supplies, and also because all of 2019, 2020 and part of 2021, there was no price adjustment.

Industry traders say that raw materials, such as flour and gas, increased and that is why they must make these adjustments.

In addition, another hard blow that people who sell tortillas must face is the increase in the price of electricity. 

Andrés Mosivais, president of the Industrial Chamber of Tortilla in Yucatán, asks for the understanding of the population, since the adjustment in the price of the tortilla is not applied as “abusive”.

“As of this year, the average price of tortilla, due to the increases in all raw materials, supplies and services, the average is 20 to 22 pesos per kilo of tortilla,” he details.

“The call that I want to make to society that they also see us as a union, like any other that, due to the rise in raw materials and supplies, obviously has to be making adjustments in this price of the tortilla. We do not do it because we are abusive, we do not do it because we want to, but because we can no longer absorb more.

Juan Méndez, a resident of Yucatán, complains about the high price of a kilo of tortilla, since with the current salary it is not enough for anything.

“The salary is very little, the salary that the company pays you is very little and they raise your price. It is not enough for anything, the truth ”, he mentions.

Last March, the Consumer Attorney General’s Office (Profeco) reported that, nationwide, the average price of a kilogram of tortilla remained stable with a variation of 40 cents in tortillerías and 190 cents in self-service stores.

In Yucatán, a kilo of tortilla was sold for 19 pesos during March according to Profeco numbers, while in department stores it was offered at 12.2 pesos per kilo.

Profeco explains that in the northern states the type of tortilla that is marketed is generally made of corn flour and in some cases of a size that exceeds that of the tortilla that is produced in the central area of ​​the country.