AMLO proposes to businessmen “to create a group” to buy the presidential airplane.

López Obrador seeks to convince a group of businessmen to create a company to purchase the presidential plane.

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – Andrés Manuel López Obrador confessed that he is asking some businessmen to organize themselves to buy the presidential plane because they have not been able to sell it.

“I am looking to convince businessmen who have economic possibilities to form a group, a partnership, to buy the presidential plane because it has been hard for us to sell it,” said AMLO.

He also accused the previous government of having purchased six new helicopters and 16 airplanes, in addition to the presidential plane, at around one billion pesos.

In the last six-year term, they bought six new helicopters, 16 modern jet planes apart from the presidential one.” criticized López Obrador.

Last September 15, the federal government celebrated the “raffle” of the presidential airplane in a special draw of the National Lottery. The ticket sales figures have not been clarified, because while in September it was said that 4.68 million tickets had been sold, last December the official figure was 3.6 million.

The aircraft, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, remains in the custody of the Air Force. According to the Presidential General Staff data, they spent more than 32 million pesos on its maintenance in a little more than two years. Likewise, until last July, maintaining the United States aircraft cost the government 78 million pesos.