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Mexican Government refuses to classify Narcos as “Terrorist Groups”

by Yucatan Times
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“Our country will never allow direct U.S. interference”.
Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard

CDMX (Times Media Mexico) – “Mexico has made very clear its ´position. It would not accept direct U.S. interference in its territory even if cartels were declared terrorist groups”. That is what Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard said in a press conference.

“The issue of narco-terrorism has a legal implication. We consider all acts of homicide to be very serious, with no extra qualifiers,” said the official at the morning conference of López Obrador.

This after the LeBarón family formally requested the U.S. government to catalogue the Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, as the White House reported Sunday through one of its official websites.

“The issue of narco-terrorism has an impact on U.S. legislation, such an implication would make it invoke a principle of direct action, which Mexico would never allow,” Ebrard said.

The petition of the family that suffered the massacre of nine of its members in early November accuses organized crime of seeking the creation of a narco-state in Mexico, where it has been impossible to control due to the unlimited resources at their disposal. “They are terrorists, and it’s time to acknowledge it,” says the message broadcast by Petitions White House.

Ebrard Casubón assured that there are advances in the investigation of the crime, even if they are not made public for security reasons. “We are going to inform them (the LeBarón family) about what we have… there will be no impunity”.

The Mexican Foreign Relations Officer said that Mexico and the United States are working together to find those responsible for the crime that took the lives of 3 female adults and six minors. The Mexican authorities facilitated access to investigations for FBI agents, but do not plan to go any further, especially if anti-terrorist protocols are activated. “There is need to invoke something like that – Terrorist act– to act together, it would be unnecessary”.  Said Ebrard about the LeBarón case, also stating that it “will be an example of the work that Mexico and the United States can do binationally”.

“Instead of blaming each other, we’d better work closely together. I’m not saying that we always agree on everything, on the one hand to invoke that possibility, Mexico will never admit it, it’s as if we invoke the same thing to stop arms trafficking” Ebrard said vehemently.

Ebrard recalled President Donald Trump’s phone call to AMLO his Mexican counterpart, in which he showed his support after the October events in Culiacan. López Obrador seconded his chancellor and also rejected the eventual declaration of terrorist groups by the Mexican cartels.

“At the time, we thanked President Donald Trump for speaking to us after the tense and risky situation in Culiacán. The next day, he sought me out to speak with us, to offer his support. With absolute respect for our sovereignty. He told me we are in a position to support, according to what they need,” AMLO recalled.

The head of the executive insisted that they will not allow pressure to change their security strategy.

“I was grateful for this, because it is a question of expressing support, solidarity, with respect for our sovereignty. We are addressing the problems of insecurity and violence, and I want it to be clear that the authoritarian character or the purpose of wanting to solve the problems only with the use of force is maintained, we are applying a new paradigm, where the use of force is not central”. (SIC)

Since the first day of his mandate, López Obrador has assured that he will not confront the country’s rampant violence with the force of the state… even thou, so far, his administration has a 92% of impunity and in almost a year, there have been more than 30,000 violent murders.


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