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Trump: The man who doesn’t know how to lose adds up to 30 defeats since the election

by Yucatan Times
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One after another, the judges have rejected the demands made by the president and his allies.

WASHINGTON D.C. (AP) – Donald Trump is a man obsessed with victory, and he hardly accepts defeat; but, as of November 3, he has suffered loss after loss.

His defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in the election has multiplied repeatedly in courts across the country in futile attempts to retain power.

The Republican and his allies continue to file lawsuits in which they recycle the same baseless claims. On top of that, Trump’s appointed Secretary of Justice declared that his investigation had found no widespread fraud.

“It will still be a losing strategy and in some ways detrimental to him. He gets to recount the election many times,” said Boston College law professor Kent Greenfield. “The extent of his smugness and narcissism never ceases to amaze me.

An Associated Press count reveals that of the 50 or so lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign or its allies, the courts have rejected or dismissed more than 30. Trump can boast only one victory: a case against a decision to alter a deadline for finding missing evidence of identification on certain Pennsylvania mail ballots.

Trump posted a 46-minute speech on Facebook Wednesday filled with conspiracy theories, mistakes, and promises to continue the fight to subvert the election, which was followed the next day by another legal setback.

In Wisconsin, the state Supreme Court rejected in a split ruling a lawsuit by Trump seeking to disqualify more than 221,000 votes in the state’s two largest Democratic counties for alleged absentee voting irregularities. Election officials had already rejected those claims after a recount that barely altered Biden’s winning margin of 20,700 votes. Trump filed a similar lawsuit in federal court Wednesday night.

In Arizona, a judge heard arguments from state Republican Party President Kelli Ward. Her attorneys say they found two problems in inspecting 100 ballots: one vote for Trump was recorded in favor of Biden, and another vote for Trump was challenged because the voter had marked on his ballot the names of two candidates, one of them an independent.

Judges in the battleground states have rejected the claims made by Trump and his allies one after another. Trump’s legal team has said it will appeal a Pennsylvania case to the Supreme Court despite a federal judge’s rejection in a scathing ruling upheld by an appeals court.

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