CFE employees disrespect and make fun of a group of Maya women in Xanabá, Yuc.

In domestic customers it will reach 3.3%. Photo: (El Economista)

A group of citizens from the Xanabá community went to the CFE offices in Izamal to express their annoyance at the lack of electricity service.

The municipal commissioner, Leydi María Ruiz Novelo accompanied the housewives who said that they have not had electricity for more than 72 hours.

They indicated that mills, tortilla factories and drinking water have been the main services affected by the lack of electricity.

The commissary of the town indicated that the power outages have become a daily occurrence and the CFE personnel do not attend to the failures in the power lines.

It was learned that the outages affect municipalities such as Sudzal and Kantunil, among others.

But the staff at the CFE offices in Izamal made fun of and disrespected the ladies, who were asked to leave the offices to be attended to by the manager in the parking lot, but an hour later, they were still waiting under the sun for the manager to come out and speak to them; and he never did. So the women had to leave, and their problem could not be solved by the CFE.

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