UMAN, YUCATAN.- Civil Protection personnel captured a crocodile this Thursday afternoon at a ranch in the Xcucul Sur community, in the municipality of Umán.

The reptile was sighted by employees of the “La Flor” ranch, located in the aforementioned community, who notified the owner.

Uman is located only 26 kilometers (16 miles) west of downtown Merida (INEGI)

The owner called the authorities and municipal police and Civil Protection personnel arrived immediately on site.

According to what was reported, the employees saw the crocodile, which was an adult specimen approximately 2.20 meters (7 feet) long, in the back of the paddocks.

The workers were very surprised because there are no swamps or lagoons nearby, where these types of crocodiles live as its natural habitat, so it is presumed that the reptile probably walked several kilometers to get there.

The authorities took charge of the animal, which would later be released into a suitable habitat.