Feminist groups hold protest in Mérida, Yucatán

To add their support to the women of Quintana Roo and all Mexico, from Yucatan, various feminist groups organized a peaceful protest on Saturday, November 14th, in front of the Government Palace, to demand justice for femicides and more protection for women.

Given the events that occurred on November 9 in Cancun, where police fired to stop the feminist protest, the women of Yucatán have expressed that it is necessary to ask for justice, for these events, and for the violence that this sector of the population lives every day.

Within the protocols, they specified that only women would participate, in addition, notice was given to the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), the Yucatan Human Rights Commission (Codhey) and Protection Civil so that they could be aware of this event and in some way, give security to the attendees.

The purpose of this protest was to show solidarity with the families of the victims of femicides and with the people who were attacked during the protest held in Cancun.

The feminists of Yucatán, in the same way, asked that the authorities of Quintana Roo instruct the dismissal of the police officers who fired their weapons on November 9th.

At the same time they denounced that not only in Cancun there are repressive acts by police agents, but also in Yucatan, where this type of acts have been registered and they recalled what happened on November 25, 2019, the date on which women who were going to protest, they were arbitrarily detained and attacked.