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These are the scariest activities for Mexicans in the “new normal”

by Yucatan Times
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Attending a religious service where there are dozens of people, going to a concert or a bar are the activities that cause Mexicans the most fear in the “new normal”, given the possibility of Covid-19 contagion.

These are followed by going to a sports stadium or a funeral, according to the results of the study ” Fears of the new reality in Mexico ” prepared by Consulta Mitofsky.

The document classifies fears due to the likelihood of contagion in various settings into five levels (from very high to very low), despite the application of health protocols.

The conclusions suggest that any activity that involves the least possible interaction with other people or is carried out in the open air generates low fear in the ” new normal “.

At the top of the list

Thus, attending a religious service in a church, temple, or room with at least 500 people appears in the first place on the list of these fears, an activity that was mentioned as “very high fear” by 97.5 percent of the participants in the study.

This fear was indicated in the study by 99 percent of the women and 95.9 percent of the men.

Regarding the age range, it is the main concern of the 50 and older group, with 98.5 percent, and that of the high socioeconomic level (99.4 percent).

In second place among the fear scenarios due to the possibility of contagion are massive events such as concerts (94.3 percent), followed by visiting a bar (94.1 percent), going to a sports stadium (92.9 percent), and attending a funeral (92.3 percent).

Several of these responses translate into fears for the near future since in Mexico there are currently no concerts with physical assistance and in much of the country the bars are not open; in fact, in two states of the Peninsula – Yucatán, and Campeche – there is “ Dry Law ”. 

Another branch in the entertainment industry, sporting events in stadiums or arenas, has not been reactivated either.

Also, the sanitary protocols in cemeteries are extremely strict, to the extent that no more than 10 or 20 assistants are allowed, depending on the state.

Going to a wedding or similar party is ranked sixth in the fears of Mexicans for exposure to contagion, with 92.2 percent.

Regarding the resumption of classes, sending children to school or nursery occupies the seventh position among the main fears due to the risk of contagion.

In fact, face-to-face format classes will only resume when the Epidemiological Traffic Light turns to green.

Curiously, this activity worries men more than women , with 93.4% against 89.6%.

In the eighth position of this list of fears about the contagion scenarios of Covid-19, comes walking through a bustling center of the city, which is considered as “Very high fear” by women with 92.6 percent, and 89.5 percent by men.

The activities that complete the block of the ten main fears for the possibility of contagion in the ” new normal ” are visiting an amusement park (90.8 percent) and going to the movies (90.1 percent).

Other activities that the study participants considered as in the “High Fear” classification range from eating at a buffet (89.2 percent) to shopping in a mall (82.9 percent) to exercising in a gym ( 88.5 percent), traveling by plane (84.7 percent) or being in the waiting room of a medical office (84.4%).

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