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López Obrador announces elimination of tariffs and start of Sembrando Vida in Belize

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“The relationship between Mexico and Belize, despite their differences in government, Belize as a parliamentary monarchy and Mexico as a democratic Republic, should be an inspiration for conflictive bilateral relations in other latitudes”, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the message after his meeting with Belizean Prime Minister John Briceño on the fourth stop of his Central American tour.

“But beyond the good links between Belize and Mexico, I maintain that it is necessary to advance in a continental integration of all America, in our construction in the continent of a model similar to that of the European Economic Community, the instance that preceded the European Union”, said the president reiterating his call for the regional union that he proposes to create an economic strength.

“Only in this way, a united, integrated, twinned America, will we be able to face the turbulence of the world economy and, most importantly, the geopolitical danger that the economic decline of the United States represents for the entire world compared to other regions, especially Asia and in particular I am referring to the commercial economic progress, which can even be hegemonic for China”, said the president at the Laing Building, headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the meeting of the leaders.

Integration would make it possible to enhance the capacities of the population, industries, coasts, tourism, and financial systems in a large common market explained López Obrador.

“Not only with the purpose of appearing in the first place as a prosperous region in the world, but also to provide well-being and justice to our populations, to face common problems such as poverty, insecurity and crime, the consequent migratory waves, caring for the environment, energy supply and even preparing ourselves to act together in catastrophes caused by natural phenomena”, he added.

The project, said the president, requires leaving behind obsolete ideological phobias about the sovereign decisions of each country, and for this reason, he also insisted that no state should be excluded from the next Summit of the Americas to be held in Los Angeles, California.

“Let no one exclude anyone, it must be a meeting that precisely allows to settle and resolve disagreements without impositions, or unilateral measures, without hegemonies, without arrogance,” said the Mexican president.

As planned, the start of the Sembrando Vida program in the Central American country was announced at the Belize stop. Two thousand farmers will be the first to be supported by one of the main programs of the government of President López Obrador.

“This program is going to expand because it has a multiplier effect, employment is provided, fruit trees are planted so that they have income and maintain roots in the land, in the communities, and it is also a program to contribute to reforestation to improve the environment”, he explained, in addition to the application of the “Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro” (Youth building the future) program.

Another of the announcements made by the president was the elimination of tariffs on products that Belize can export to Mexico such as food, agricultural products, and other basic foods.

“After many years, we have declared a de facto tax-free zone between Chetumal and the entire border with Belize,” he announced. “We are going to bring true free trade between our nations.”

Similarly, the president celebrated the decision of Belizean Prime Minister John Briceño to regularize 40,000 migrants from other Latin American countries.

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize, recognized the special relationship that exists between both countries and said that Belize sees Mexico as an older brother. He thanked the tariff exemption that they will have from now on and the launch of the Sembrando Vida program.

“This is a truly unique program that will support our people in rural areas, our poor people, and be able to stop migration by working in agriculture, in rural areas.”

The Belizean president regretted that the president had not stayed longer to get to know the country.

“A small country, but with a lot to be able to do, we are very proud of our country and we would have liked very much if we had been able to show you the tripe, the archaeological areas, the jungles that we have to share with you.”

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