Cabify and Aeromexico offer their customers a combined car-plane travel service

Always looking to make new alliances to reach a greater audience, Cabify has recently united with Mexican airline company Aeromexico forming a new alliance that is complementing the experience of traveling by car and by plane.

By uniting innovation, comfort and security they are offering an efficient service of transportation, that started May 5th, 2016.

All Santander Aeromexico card members and partners in the Premier One Club Program will receive an exclusive discount code for Cabify, worth $250 pesos on their first journey, while those users who already had downloaded the app on their phones, will receive a monthly code with a 5% discount for their next 5 trips during that month.

cabify mexico
Original Image courtesy of Cabify Mexico

This program will be active during 2016 in Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, Toluca and Queretaro. Cabify’s CEO, Ricardo Weder is expecting to soon extend this alliance to more cities in the country. Cabify is an international company with operations in many different countries.

Marketing assistant manager from Aeromexico, Andres Castañeda, considers this alliance very important since their clients will obtain exclusive benefits and therefore, a much better integral service .

Original Image: “Aeromexico Boeing 767-200ER” bywilco737, used underCC BY-NC-ND 2.0 licence, via Flickr.

Besides the benefits that both companies are offering, users will have a fixed rate per kilometer by Cabify; they can also ask for a car to be delivered in that immediate moment if needed, with a two hour notice or 31 days before they arrive; to be prepared, relaxed and secure for traveling.

These and other advantages will be announced via e-mail every month to each client so that they can enjoy their services in a safe and comfortable way when traveling, by land or air.


By Andrea Hablutzel Pelayo for Mexico News Network