Habanero pepper crops in Yucatan devastated by Cristobal

Merida Yucatan (June 10, 2020) .- Chili production was severely damaged by the tropical storm “Cristóbal” in Yucatan, as several hectares of crops were destroyed.

The members of the Chile Product System (Seproch) reported damages in the south and west of the state, from Maxcanú to Yaxcabá, said Alfredo Ríos Urcelay, leader of the group.

“The Seproch partners report that half of the plantations were damaged. All gone, there is nothing left, and the other half of the production needs to be rescued by experts. And this situation is going to increase the price of the habanero pepper, “he said.

It was reported that between 300 and 400 hectares of crops were affected by floods, and talking about habanero pepper specifically, there was a loss of 50 hectares, according to the members of this group.

For now, producers are focused on rescuing the plantations that were not affected, and so they are asking for government support.

“We are requesting the aid of the state government to reactivate the sector, ”he said.

For now, they are looking to recover most of the production for July and August, the time when more profits are generated.