Three arrested in Mérida with 168 liters of ethyl alcohol

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (May 18, 2020).- A routine check-up allowed the discovery of a shipment of alcohol that was transported by two subjects aboard a car in the Mérida’s Los Reyes neighborhood.

In addition to the nervousness that betrayed them, the suspects became insolent and were detained by police officers, along with a third subject who allegedly intervened “to solve” the problem, and who turned out to be the seller of ethyl alcohol.

The substances were intended to produce illegal alcoholic beverages, that could be highly hazardous to human health in case of ingestion.

The arrest occurred on Sunday May 17th, at approximately 10:30 in the morning on Calle 42 (between 19 and 21), in the Los Reyes neighborhood, where a gray Chevrolet Corsa vehicle in which the two subjects were traveling suddenly joined the traffic lane.

This led to the police suspecting that something was wrong there, so they asked the driver, Herman I.R.L., 33, to stop. The subject was accompanied by Omar J.R.P., 38, and both were acting nervous, and became “cheeky”, when stopped by the police.

That was when Angelo M.C.A., 40, arrived on site. He asked the other two to calm down because he was going to “fix the problem”, but the other two were already in high spirits and verbally assaulted the SSP officers.

Finally, the three were detained and the vehicle was inspected.

14 boxes were found with 12 one-liter plasticbottles each, filled with ethyl alcohol. In total, 168 liters of this substance were seized.

In the end, Herman and Omar reported Angelo as the guy who sold them the bottles of the product, and then the three of them were sent straight to jail.

Their legal status is yet to be determined by the corresponding authorities.

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