Vila requests 3.2 billion pesos to face Covid-19 contingency

Mérida, Yucatán (March 26, 2020).- To help the economy of Yucatecan families and companies during the coronavirus contingency, the State Government sent a proposal to the State Congress, which consists of a package of fiscal stimuli and direct support to various sectors of the population.

The initiative of the Plan of Support and Economic Incentives for Yucatan Families and Businesses is already in the hands of legislators for analysis.

“I call on all the representatives to meet and approve these urgent measures as soon as possible, because in times of crisis there can be no government and opposition, we have to be one to get ahead,” declared Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.

If approved by Congress, the Plan of Support and Economic Incentives for Yucatan Families and Businesses will be the largest aid project financed with Yucatecan resources: “It is the greatest effort we can make as a state; we are giving our maximum ”, stated Vila Dosal.

“The initiative of the State Government to support Yucatecan families and companies contemplates 3.2 billion pesos, but most likely, it will not be enough. The federal government, which has many more resources, is required to unite to help Yucatecans in these difficult times.” the governor continued.

As Vila Dosal explains, his proposal reinforces the health of the Yucatecans with 500 million pesos, supports the income of affected families with 1 billion pesos, and ensures public works that can reactivate the economy with 1.7 billion, to ” stand up as soon as we overcome this crisis. ”

“I am aware of how much this pandemic affects those who live day by day, as it affects the daily life of all citizens, the way in which everyone earns a living for their own,” said Vila Dosal.

“The coronavirus situation is affecting both the companies that create jobs and the workers and their families who are seeing their incomes decrease. So we have to act quickly and forcefully,” governor Mauricio Vila concluded.

The Yucatan Times