INSABI: Institute of Health for Welfare officially replaces “Seguro Popular”

The Institute of Health for Welfare (Insituto de Salud para el Bienestar Insabi),  entered into operation on January 1st, 2020 as a decentralized body of the Ministry of Health to replace the “Seguro Popular”.

The objective of this institute is to cover more than one million people in Yucatan who do not have  the benefit of  Seguro Social (social security).

According to the Insabi regulations, users will receive free medical care and medicines without restrictions, as they will no longer need to enroll or pay fees. The attention will be provided under criteria of universality, equality and inclusion.

In the case of Yucatán, this sector of the population is made up of 1,020,511 people (544 thousand 050 men and 476 thousand 461 women), out of 437 thousand 021 families.

Of all the beneficiaries that used to be served by the Seguro Popular in Yucatan, and who became part of the Insabi, 98 thousand men and 88 thousand women are Maya native speakers.

The Yucatan Times