Around 200,000 travelers will arrive to Yucatan this holiday season

Mérida has international flights to Miami, Houston, Toronto and Havana, and during the year the aircrafts have an average occupation of 70% to 75%, but during the holiday season, all airplanes leave and arrive at their destinations with 85% or more of the seats occupied.

The high demand for tickets from the United States to Merida this holiday season caused American and United airlines to increase their frequencies with a daily flight from Miami and Houston to the Yucatecan capital, when in normal months they just have four flights a week.

Even American Airlines changed the plane that covers the route: it regularly uses an Embraer with a capacity of 90 passengers, but this month, they will fly an A320 aircraft with 180 seats.

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Other flights that have good occupation are the Merida-Havana route, which is covered by Interjet with an A321 airbus with 198 seats, but also this plane travels with “the belly” full of goods, mainly clothes, appliances such as refrigerators and airs conditioners, bound for the Caribbean island.

The Toronto-Mérida route, which is covered by Westjet airline, also begins to increase its mobilization because more and more Canadians arrive to the Yucatan every winter, as they flee from the severe cold in their homeland.

At the moment there are more Canadian visitors arriving at the airport in Merida and few are traveling to Toronto, but in March it is the opposite, the departure trips are massive because Canadians return to their homes.

American tourists are number one in Yucatan during the holiday season, while Yucatecans travel more frequently to Miami and Houston during this time of the year, and therefore the demand for tickets increases. European tourists arrive from the Mexico City airport instead, .

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