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“I don´t see you I don’t hear you” – AMLO

by Yucatan Times
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Andrés Manuel López Obrador is like a stone that neither hears nor sees, he applies the sadly famous phrase “I neither see them nor hear them” of former President Carlos Salinas, since AMLO, only sees himself.

MEXICO CITY (Agencies) – Many of those who now swear and claim fidelity to Andrés Manuel López Obrador were not his supporters and demanded Peña Nieto or Calderón to put an end to the insecurity and violence in the country.

López Obrador’s rhetoric, every day, is one of aggression and verbal contempt. He blames his “adversaries” for everything bad that happens in the country. That’s why it was only a matter of time before his faithful followers turned from words to physical aggression as it happened yesterday Sunday, 26 of January 2020.

Upon arrival at the Zócalo, of the Caravan for Peace led by Javier Sicilia and members of the LeBarón family, were attacked by members of MORENA who “coincidentally” were at the site collecting signatures to pass political judgment on the former presidents.

More than 1,200 men and women were beaten spat on, insulted and shouted “traitors” and “sell-outs”. These people brutally attacked by AMLO’s groupies, have done more than the authorities –even before López Obrador arrived at the federal government– they have done more than any of the men and women taken there and paid by MORENA who attacked them.

Many of those who now swear and claim loyalty to López Obrador argue: Why didn’t you protest and complaint when Peña Nieto was president? They have forgotten that a man named Javier Sicilia fought to find the killers of his own son, denounced them and marched to Mexico City, leading hundreds of victims of violence.

Javier Sicilia has been demanding fundamental rights for years now. He demanded this from former presidents Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto. Both former presidents are loathed by the aggressors, most of them sympathizers of AMLO and members of MORENA political party, but the truth is that both ex-presidents never refused to receive the victims of violence in Mexico, listen to them and much less to call their movement a show, as López Obrador has done, MANY TIMES.

Media cameras capture the aggression against Javier Sicilia and other members of the demonstration against violence.

None of the top federal government officials, starting with AMLO himself, have been real victims of violence, none of them have lost a child, a partner, a family member as a result of criminal violence. Therefore, neither Lopez Obrador nor any of his servants have the right to despise, to not listen to, to not receive, whether they agree or not, the victims of violence.

It is inconceivable that Lopez Obrador would not receive these people who have genuinely been victims of Mexico’s violence, but he does talk about the “importance of forgiveness” and giving the criminals “hugs, not bullets”, every chance he gets. Or worse, as he has claimed that some corrupt politicians did more damage to the country than El Chapo Guzman.

It is inconceivable that a president would show so much contempt for a caravan fed by people whose lives have been impacted by homicide, drug trafficking, rape, mutilation, kidnapping, assault, etc.

It is an aberration to call the “Caravan for Peace” a media show… but not for Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who last week accused and disqualified the doctors and directors of the main health institutes in the country from the shortage of medicines, in particular, the director of the Federico Díaz Children’s Hospital. An unusual, unjust, alarming accusation.

The very parents of children suffering from cancer, who did not have medicine for their treatment, have been the first to defend and vindicate Dr. Nieto, the director of the Federico Díaz Children’s Hospital who is, in many cases, is the one who has been treating them for years. His colleagues received Dr. Nieto in the hospital’s amphitheatre with cheers of support, emphasizing his personal and professional honesty.  

Where did the president get such an unfair accusation against a health professional known for his ability and honesty, besides his small, fertile and creative mind? From Irma Eréndira Sandoval, the secretary of the Civil Service, known for “finding guilty parties”, among her alleged “real adversaries” and, of course, exonerating those close to her.

Irma Eréndira Sandoval, at Manuel Bartlett’s exoneration press conference.

Irma Eréndira Sandoval, was the one who accused the doctors –who break their souls day after day in a hospital full of shortages of medicines– but exonerated her cabinet colleague Manuel Bartlett, who faced the irrefutable accusation of owning dozens of goods, lands, houses, businesses and companies. Or Carlos Lomelí, the great beneficiary of the direct purchases of medicines during this administration, while he was a super-delegate in Jalisco.

Ms. Sandoval has remained silent about the fact that 75 percent of the contracts awarded by the government last year were made by direct assignment.

5 proven, undeniable, tangible facts about AMLO’s government.

  1. There are not enough medicines, AMLO himself, just this weekend, announced that he would establish an emergency plan to care for children with cancer and ordered the purchase of medicine for that treatment abroad.

  2. AMLO refused to receive real victims of violence and denounced the Peace Caravan as a media show. This is NOT the first time he has done such thing.

  3. Andrés Manuel López Obrador is misinformed. Many of his collaborators lie to him or hide the reality from him.

  4. Every day that passes, more Mexicans are regretting having voted for Lopez Obrador

  5.  Unlike any other moment in Mexico’s history, this time, people are fed up. 


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