Governor Mauricio Vila involved in a car accident in Mérida

On its way from the Doctor’s Day event to the opening of the first Ace Hardware store in Mexico, the vehicle that was transporting Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal had a traffic accident.

The accident occurred at around 10 in the morning at the intersection of 14th and 15th streets in Colonia Mexico, where the truck carrying the state president collided with a compact car.

The governor talked about the accident:

When apologizing at the opening event for being late, Vila Dosal spoke of the accident and explained that, due to security protocol, he was immediately transferred to another vehicle that took him to the event.

He clarified that the Ministry of Public Security is taking cognizance of the accident and will be waiting for it to be solved.

At the scene of the events, it was found that a woman who was driving the Versa vehicle involved in the accident was injured and the Y-33 ambulance took her to a hospital.

The governor’s vehicle was traveling on 15th Street, apparently did not respect the stop sign, and collided with the Nissan Versa that was circulating on 14th Street.

High commanders such as Jesús Novelo, Carlos Marsh, and Santiago Massa came to the place, to verify that the governor was OK.