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7 Bucket list experiences you must have in Vietnam

by Yucatan Times
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Like the true adventure traveler or backpacker that you really are, you’ve finally decided it’s time you hit the road and head to the Eastern part of Asia to explore and experience the enthralling sights of the beautiful country called Vietnam. Wow, that’s such a nice move! Indeed, as a savvy traveler, your travel experiences would never be complete without experiencing up close the seas of motorbikes, the mouth-watering cuisines, all-night parties in the glow of neon lights, the beautiful landscapes, and the limestone mounts or the rice terraces that Vietnam has got to offer you. But those are not even all of the experiences you’re bound to enjoy when you decide to visit this incredible region. Below are some of the most beautiful experiences you cannot afford not to have once you touch down in Vietnam.

Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a place to see
If you’re like everyone else, then you must have heard about the amazing history and diverse culture of Vietnam. And one of such histories is that of the Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Located right in the center of Hanoi, the history of the Old Quarter goes way back to a thousand years ago when King Ly Thai To had his seat of power situated there. At the Old Quarter, not only will you be intimating yourself with the intriguing history of the pre-war era of Vietnam, but you’ll also get the chance to appreciate some of the works of the ancient ages. Additionally, there are craftsmen and artisans’ shops set up nearby. And each twisting lane is named after the different crafts sold or produced there. Today, the Old Quarter is still one of the most popular names amongst tourists and travelers. Be like them, and be sure to catch this experience when you come to Vietnam.

Visit the floating market on the Mekong
If you think life is all cherries and cheese before now, please visit the floating market on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and appreciate how people strive to make a living. Drifting through any part of the Mekong Delta, the floating markets is absolutely a joy to behold. Right there, you’ll find wares, items, sounds, goods, and a spectrum of colors displayed across muddied waters, and a frenzy of other activities too.

Make a suit before leaving Vietnam
Lol, you can actually get your own custom-tailored dress, jacket, or suit before leaving Vietnam at the Hoi An’s Old Town. If you want to, anyway! Walking through Hoi An’s Old Town can feel somewhat like a movie – like walking back in time. The hanging lanterns and the charming sights of the streets are some of the most beautiful experiences you can have in Vietnam. About a hundred years ago, this town was a trading port, but today, it is renowned for its tailors. Having your dresses sown within a twinkle of an eye and at can’t-beat-prices can sound so much like magic, but it’s actually happening in Vietnam.

If cave is your thing, explore Phong Nha Ke Bang
Located right in the middle of Central Vietnam, along the less explored border with Laos, the Phong Nha Ke Bang is certainly a fascinating sight to behold. As a UNESCO Heritage Site, the Phong Nha Ke is Vietnam’s greatest National Park – and for obvious reasons. Locked away within the fields of limestone peaks of the Phong Nha Ke are some of the largest caves on our planet. But guess what’s so intriguing about these caves; they open up into magnificent caverns that stretch for hundreds of kilometers throughout the region.

Party lovers head to Bui Vien
If you’re looking for party life, there is never a better place to go than the infamous bar street in Vietnam. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, there’s always something to see, watch, or take part in at Bui Vien. It is the perfect place to go for wild parties, night parties, and social gatherings. Even if you’re not a party freak, you still want to go to Bui Vien, if not for anything, at least, to people-watch, and bask in the fascinating sights of people dancing and marrying.

Trek the North
There is no leaving Vietnam without exploring the great sights of its rice terraces. Whether you choose to go to Ha Giang, Mu Cang Chai, or Sapa, the North is always an incredible destination. If you haven’t hiked this region during your visit to Vietnam, trust me, your exploration isn’t complete yet. However, although you can visit this region any time of the year, September and October are peak harvest seasons with the towering rice terraces turning an incredible shade of yellow.

Enjoy the street food
This, I’m sure, will cap your experiences. As you glide through your exploration of Vietnam, never forget to find a spattering of plastic stools and tables, take a seat, order a Saigon Red, and choose your choice of food from the menu. Repeat the above steps every day of your stay, and you’ll be a local in no time. It is the best way of experiencing what street food actually feels like, and what Vietnamese cuisines actually taste like.

So there they are; the 7 Bucket list experiences you mustn’t miss out on in Vietnam. To learn more about these experiences or find out even more experiences, be sure to check out exploreonevietnam.com; it is a website renowned for its vast understanding of Vietnam.


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