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How to dress a toddler

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It seems that all the difficulties are in the past. Your child is already two years old, may express oneself, and walks independently and confidently. However, this toddler starts changing behavior too often. The word No becomes the most beloved one. One of the main problems is to dress your child as most of the times, you hear refusals only.

This is the common behavior of a toddler experiencing one of the crisis periods in his or her growth and development. There some tips that may help you put on dresses for toddler girl or toddler boy pants without sweating and running all over your home.

Dressing a Toddler: How to Win This Fight?

  1. Find something your baby likes aside from running. It can be a favorite book or watching through the window. The main idea is that your baby will do something he or she likes while you will put clothes on. In such a way, the attention will be focused on a beloved activity. Thus, the dressing process will not cause the desire to run away.
  2. Remind that outdoor strolls are impossible without getting dressed. If you have managed to get the attention with this conversation, engage your baby, even more, adding details and interesting activities outside. If you are going somewhere interesting, tell about this. Curiosity may win.
  3. Create a game that will help you with dressing. This can be anything including the plot from a favorite cartoon, for instance. Alternatively, this can be a competition. Being creative will help overcome this difficult period.
  4. Involve your baby in the choice of outfits. Of course, you should pre-select appropriate options and let your child make a final choice. Be ready to agree and buy what is wanted. If your toddler likes the wardrobe, the probability of troubles with dressing is lower.

5. Opt for simple outfits that are quick to put on. Zippers and snaps instead of buttons, as an instance. One-piece overalls instead of pants and jacket, etc. The less time you need to put clothes on, the more chances that you will succeed.

6. Avoid this process if possible. For example, your daughter refuses to take her pajamas off. Instead of changing her in her home clothes and into ones for strolls in a couple of hours, skip the first procedure to avoid additional stress for yourself and your baby.

All in all, toddlers are sometimes impossible to predict. The crisis of three years may happen earlier or later. However, it is impossible to skip it as your baby is trying to prove own independence, and obedience should not be expected. That is why there is no need to get irritated because of this. What is more, if you are not in a good mood, your child may feel this and react unexpectedly. Staying calm and confident will help in such situations. Remember, every crisis will be over, and soon your baby will put clothes on one’s own.


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