Hacienda Xcanatun announces alliance with Banyan Tree

Cristina Baker, director of the Hotel Hacienda Xcanatún, said that the promotion of Yucatan, made by the administration of governor Mauricio Vila Dosal nationally and internationally, has allowed projects to be created with a tourist vision, so she announced Xcanatún’s alliance with one of the most important hotelier groups worldwide, Banyan Tree, with whom they will be investing more than 880 million pesos for the expansion of Hacienda Xcanatun.

“Obviously I think what is being done is very good, the numbers speak for themselves and it is impressive what has been achieved ever since Governor Mauricio Vila took office. The current state government has a very fresh, very “trendy” vision and the results are visible, Yucatán is registering highly positive numbers compared to the rest of Mexico, “said Cristina Baker.

The Yucatecan businesswoman says that with this offer, there will be more demand in different segments, such as in the case of congress and convention tourism, in addition, she declared that with the Banyan Tree alliance, the idea is to bet on luxury tourism, that is growing in the state, along with the wedding tourism sector.

“We have a group of very important local investors and Hacienda Xcanatun has set the deadline to build 50 more rooms in two years, in addition to building hotel residences (or villas), as it is the concept that Banyan Tree want  to bring, with a unique concept of privacy and peace, surrounded by nature and natural beauties,” she concluded.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom



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