Congresswoman proposes to eradicate monuments of Columbus and Cortés

Congresswoman Teresa Ramos, has also requested to change the name of any street that its name currently has to do with the Spanish Conquest.

Teresa Ramos, congresswoman for the “Green Ecologist” Party of Mexico, proposed that the monuments of Cristobal Colón (Christopher Columbus) and Hernán Cortés to be removed from Mexico City due to the role they played during the Spanish Conquest. “Those two, constituted the origin and consummation of a Conquest that, as has already been said, was as beneficial for Europe as it was cruel, destructive and desolating for the indigenous world,” she said at the plenary session of the CDMX Congress.

Miss Ramos ignorance and denial of history has led her to propose renaming the streets that allude to these characters in Mexico City. She also remarked that this is not an occurrence, but a desire to annihilate that part of history: “There is practically a desire to annihilate and erase from the face of the Earth its (European) institutions, its culture and its language,” she added.

This populist proposal comes after López Obrador last week asked the King of Spain, Felipe VI, to apologize for the grievances committed 500 years ago against indigenous peoples during the Conquest.

The proposal was turned over to the commissions for analysis and thus to be able to decide whether or not it reaches the local Congress.

Editor’s notes:

  1. The “Green Ecologist” Party of Mexico has always been known as a “political hinge party”. Always willing to sell itself in the interests of the highest bidder. Its former president Jorge Emilio Gonzalez Martinez, also known as “El Niño Verde”, is a Mexican politician who has been involved in multiple scandals.
  2. There were 27 years of difference between the discovery of America and the arrival of Hernan Cortés in Tenochtitlan.

Populism, servility and ignorance are trying to take over Mexico.
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