Two-year-old girl dies crushed by a bus in Chalmuch, Yucatan

A Sunday walk ended up in tragedy for a family from the Merida community of Chalmuch, when a public passenger transport bus operated by the Permisionarios line ran over and killed a two-year old girl who was left momentarily unattended by her parents.

Locals almost lynched the bus driver, but as they realized that he was not to blame for the tragic incident, things calmed down.

The worst of the experiences was lived on Sunday June 2, by the mother of the now deceased child. According to witnesses of the horrible incident, the woman was walking with her daughter on Chalmuch’s Calle 21, apparently the without holding hands, when unexpectedly the little girl stumbled and fell to the ground just as the bus was passed by and the tire of the vehicle passed over her head.

The trucker said he never realized that the child fell, but until he practically crushed her skull with one of the front tires. Some people inside the truck said that the minor slipped and fell on the pavement just as the bus passed, making it virtually impossible for the operator to notice her.

The 24-year-old mother, suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be attended by paramedics from the SSP of Yucatán.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from La Verdad