Home Headlines Merida will reach temperatures of up to 44 degrees Celsius (112 Fahrenheit) this weekend

Merida will reach temperatures of up to 44 degrees Celsius (112 Fahrenheit) this weekend

by Sofia Navarro
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The month of April will end with record-breaking temperatures due to weather conditions. The forecast for this weekend is that temperatures will reach 44 degrees Celsius, with a heat index of 46 degrees, according to the National Meteorological Service.

The scorching heat is combined with an increase in UV exposure, which is causing sunburns during midday hours. In the past week, the thermometer has reached up to 38 degrees Celsius, with a heat index of 41 degrees. However, for the coming days, a significant increase is expected, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 44 degrees.

The Ciafeme-Uady report indicated that on Wednesday, the maximum temperatures in Merida and the metropolitan area were as follows: the northern section of the city at 38.1°C; the northeast zone -Francisco de Montejo and Las Américas- at 38.0°C; the southwest zone of the Yucatan capital and the municipality of Kanasin at 38.8°C; in the west zone: Nora Quintana, Juan Pablo II, and Ciudad Caucel at 39.0°C; the central east area -Col. Quintero, Fidel Velázquez, Pabactun- at 38.0°C and to the north, outside of Merida: -communities of Dzityá, Tamanché, non-polluting industries park at 39.0°C, finally, in the eastern Zapata zone: 39.0°C.

The report of the day in the municipalities: in the east zone Valladolid: 38.5°C; in the coastal zone: Progreso: 31.2°C; San Benito: 34.6°C. In the case of the central area of the state where the cenote belt is located: Timucuy: 37.7°C, Cantamayec: 39.0°C, and Chocholá: 39.0 degrees Celsius.

In the northwest: Tizimín: 37.0°C; in the southern part of the state: Peto: 37.0°C; Muna: 38.5°C; Oxkutzcab: 39.0°C; Ticul: 39.0°C; Becanchén: 37.5°C. Meanwhile, in the municipalities of the central zone: Motul reported 38.2°C; Izamal, 39.0°C; Temax, 39.2°C, unusual records for the month of April, according to analysts’ data.

The weather forecast for the coming days indicates that high temperatures will persist until Saturday, with a slight respite on Sunday with maximums of 31 degrees. However, for the following week, equally high temperatures are expected, so it is expected that the heat and humidity will persist, with nighttime lows of 29 degrees Celsius.

The report also indicates that the critical hours during the day are from 11 am to 4 pm when UV exposure becomes critical, with ranges of up to 857 watts per square meter, which can severely affect the skin and even cause burns. Therefore, it is recommended to be aware of constant exposure during outdoor sports or work activities.

According to Conagua, an anticyclonic system at medium levels of the atmosphere will create a very hot environment in the states of the Pacific coast of Mexico, the south, and the Yucatan Peninsula, with maximum temperatures of 40 to 45 degrees Celsius in areas of Campeche, Chiapas, Colima, Guerrero, Jalisco, Michoacán, Oaxaca, Tabasco, Veracruz, and Yucatan.

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