No website is useful or profitable without traffic, that is, visitors. However, not all traffic is created equal. Paid traffic is cool, but it is generated by ads, and you have to pay for ads, sometimes pretty big money. What you should aim for is organic traffic. It means people find your website naturally while scrolling their social network feed or surfing the Internet.

Organic traffic can be increased by applying different approaches. These include, but are not limited to: social media, SEO, guest posts… the list is really long. Depending on the situation, you can address or similar expert platform to order service from them, to help you grow the traffic. Another option is to try to do it yourself. This takes less money, but more time and effort on your part. If you are ready, let’s discuss how.


Social Media

This is a nice method to attract visitors to your platform because your posts will appear in their news feed and they will naturally stumble upon it. And yet, not every social network distributes such posts equally. Huge Facebook with its infamous policies on public groups and posts promotes paid posts more than posts from groups to which people sign up to follow them. And it sucks.

You can try Instagram, but firstly, you have to have some amazing visual content for that network, and secondly, Instagram is not fully owned by Facebook, and specialists expect it to apply the same policies in the nearest future. So before you launch a social media profile to get some organic traffic to your website, think of how you are going to use it.


Guest Posts

The beauty of guest posts is that these are your own unique and original posts, located on the already popular and visited website. You have to search for platforms that accept guest posts, paid or free of charge, meet their requirements, and send them an article with a link to your website. People who enjoy this website will check out your article and, hopefully, will follow the link to find out more about your platform as well.




SEO is search engine optimization, and there are loads of ways to optimize your platform to lure more visitors to the website. However, you cannot apply all methods at once, because it takes not only time and effort but also knowledge. So you will have to educate yourself and perhaps pay for some courses or a book before you figure all aspects out. What you can do immediately is add keywords to the content of your website.

What keywords do is to make it easier for the search engines to find your website when someone searches for this particular keyword. So, your task is to add those keywords and use them naturally in texts of your website, be it blog posts or content on pages. When people find your website organically via any search engine, this is real organic traffic and it brings a lot of financial benefits.

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