If you are thinking of moving or you just want to know the living cost of Atlanta, this article will help you understand its living costs. Atlanta is a big city with a population of approximately 5.5 million people. It is the 9th largest city. A lot of things are continuing to change, this means even the cost of living is changing in many cities. The living costs here are almost similar to that of other metropolitan cities in the country. The following is a breakdown of the living costs in Atlanta:

  1. The Cost of Homes

The cost of acquiring a home in Atlanta is high. But it is lower compared to other cities in the country. According to Bureau Census, more than 43% of homes have owners. If you want to buy a home in Atlanta, you can seek a financial expert to help you decide. Currently, the median home value in Atlanta is $217,000. This is a 10% increase from previous years.

  1. The Rents

Buying a home is pretty expensive. Most people cannot afford to buy a home right away. Renting is the most favorable option. Although the rent rates have increased over a couple of years, it is still affordable to rent a house in Atlanta. The cost of a one-bedroom apartment is about $1460 and $ 1870 for a two bedroom apartment. Compared to other major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles or New York, rental rates in Atlanta are very affordable. For example, the median for rent for a one bedroom house in New York is approximately $2800, this almost double the rent for the same house in Atlanta. If possible you can have a roommate to split the rental costs.

  1. The Cost of Utilities

Basic utilities are gas, electricity, garbage, and heating. According to stats, you will pay approximately $163 monthly for a 915 square foot house in Atlanta. For the internet, it will cost you from $50-$80 per month. However, for the internet connections, you can see digital exits for an affordable internet package. The cost of the internet depends on the internet providers.

  1. The Cost of Transport

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) will cost you $95 for a 30-day pass. It will cost you about $2. 50 for a single ride. Atlanta is the 17th most expensive with gas prices. This means it is much lower compared to other major cities. The city is known for heavy traffic and long commutes. You should know this if you want to drive your own car.

  1. Food

The cost of food in Atlanta is pretty high. For a one-person meal, you will be required to pay approximately $15. For a three-course menu for two, expect to pay approximately $50 or more. This is excluding drinks. If you want to cook at home, for instance, the cost of 12 eggs will cost you approximately $2.14. The average monthly cost of food in Atlanta for one person is $335.

Generally, the cost of living in Atlanta per month is affordable and fair when compared to other cities. If you are moving to Atlanta, you can hire a financial expert to help you evaluate the actual situation of living in Atlanta.

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