Supreme Court set to review gay marriage in Yucatan Wednesday

(Photo: Debate)

On Wednesday May 17, a Mexican Supreme Court session will be held on the subject of “lack of legislation on same-sex marriage in Yucatan”. Five ministers from the First Chamber from the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation will discuss the issue, and it is expected that the resolution will be favorable.

(Photo: Debate)
(Photo: Debate)

The request, from several organizations, against the decision of a collegiate court will be voted on. The issue is the legality of the refusal of the Congress of the State to legislate on this type of marriages.

The speaker will be the Minister Jorge Mario Pardo Rebolledo, who presented his draft resolution and proposes to revoke that ruling, but the vote of the rest of the members of the First Chamber is necessary.

The vote was planned for May 3, but was delayed for the 17th of this month.

The minister points out that the organizations are right, “because in the case that actions against the legislative omission has been taken, since the principle of non-discrimination and the regulation of the right to equality, contained in articles 1st of the Federal Constitution and 1st of the Yucatan Constitution, do constitute express mandates that force the authorities to act to eliminate any discriminatory act.”




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