Vogue Magazine travel recommendation: visit Merida!

Mérida, Yucatan (Photo: Vogue Magazine web site)

According to Vogue Magazine web site, Mérida, Mexico, is a must visit destination full of charm and that  looks like a city that hasn’t changed in a century: The old buildings and slow pace of life seem to signal that your plane took a wrong turn and you landed back in 1900.

Much like San Miguel de Allende to the west, the historic Mexican city is achingly charming; but unlike San Miguel de Allende, it hasn’t made it to the top of every must-visit list (and that’s a good thing).

First-timers will surely enjoy the pretty squares and the unhurried people who fill them.

They’ll be astounded by the centuries-old mansions that line the many streets.

They’ll wonder: How does a place like this still exist? But scratch below Mérida’s historic charm and you’ll find a thriving city with a decidedly current culinary scene.

(Photo: Vogue Magazine web site)

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Source: www.vogue.com/article/merida-mexico-travel-guide