Yucatan to host two important international gastronomy events

(Photo: Grupo Sipse)

Yucatan will host two international gastronomy events: the third edition of the International Congress of Master Chefs and Sommeliers for the World; and the 2022 Cultural and Artisan Gastronomic Festival, in which conferences, presentations, and other activities focused on enhancing the industry.

The event, to be held in Mérida on October 28, 29, and 30 of this year, was created and organized by Mexican Chef, Pedro J. Estrada Vázquez, and the LCP. Karla Solís Moreno and as part of the organization the guest chef Alejandro Saltiel de la Cruz, creators and founders of ancestral cuisine for a new world, will seek to make people aware of the new world of gastronomy and the dishes of this region.

The organizers reported that the edition of the event will be in person at the Yucatan XXI Century Convention and Exhibition Center and for the first time the city of Merida will bring together chefs from various parts of the world, who will discuss and exchange experiences on various topics related to gastronomy.

Given the importance of this Congress, there will also be members of the Center for Tourism and Gastronomy Research (CITURG) of Peru, who will sponsor the certification of the diplomas that will be issued to each participant, in addition to attending the presentations and conferences.

The congress will be attended by the director of CITURG, Freddy Salinas Gallardo, entourage and chefs; the director of the Chamber of Gastronomy and Tourism of that country, Agustín Cisneros; as well as the chef Carlos Moretti Rodríguez and his group International Brotherhood of Gastronomy, Tourism, and Production (CITUG).

As well as the delegations from Brazil, headed by the commander of FEBACLA; and Fernando Calderón Boris, president of the Latin American Federation of Gastronomy and Tur Chef América Producciones LTDA.

The one from Spain will be headed by Chef Paz Abilleira Pórtela, president of the Cultural Gastronomic Circle Association General Secretary of the Professional Culinary League, and gastronomic commentator at Dypevent.

Chefs from Cuba, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, the United States, Mexico, and Yucatan will also arrive. All these with their culinary experts will be in the gastronomic presentations, and they will know the traditional products, gastronomy, and tourism of the state”, commented the organizers.

They explained that the event is organized in two sections: the congress and the gastronomic fair; It will also have cultural activities such as music, folklore, local artists, conferences, and free gastronomic samples. A gastronomic corridor will be installed, where international Mexican food will be put up for sale to the delight of guests, visitors and participants.

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