The Beatles’ music to be performed in classical style Wednesday in Merida

The Quo Vadis Quartet will present a Beatles concert Wednesday March 29 in Merida. (PHOTO:

The music of The Beatles can be heard on the strings of Quo Vadis Quartet and guest guitarist Erik Baqueiro, who on Wednesday March 29 in Merida will offer a concert composed of songs from the popular London group with arrangements for classical instruments.

It is a different way of listening and approaching the music of the Liverpool ensemble, since it is not common to hear these versions of the popular song interpreted with classical instruments, which makes these pieces something different.

Pawel Blaszkowski, violinist and member of Quo Vadis, points out that the Beatles’ music is a popular classic, and now the group will play them in a classic way with traditional instruments from the symphony orchestra.

It is to give another turn to the music, he explains, because these are versions of pop made by classical musicians.

The concert will be Wednesday March 29 at 8:30 pm at the theater Felipe Carrillo Puerto de la Uady.

The Quo Vadis Quartet will present a Beatles concert Wednesday March 29 in Merida. (PHOTO:
The Quo Vadis Quartet with Erik Baqueiro (center),will present a Beatles concert Wednesday March 29 in Merida. (PHOTO:

It will be divided into two parts: in the first, the Quartet Quo Vadis will perform several Beatles hits such as “All You Need Is Love”, “Hey Jude” and “Yesterday”, among others, and in the second part they will perform together with guest guitarist, Erik Baqueiro, a suite on subjects of the English quartet and composer Leo Brower.

Quo Vadis has already presented these kinds of concerts in other spaces, since the intention is not only to play classical music of academic origins, but also popular subjects with arrangements for symphonic instruments.

The members of the group like to explore other lighter styles and present themselves with proposals that are appealing to the public.

The members of Quo Vadis, in addition to Pawel Blaszkowski, are: Timothy Myall (violin), Nicholai Dimitrov (viola) and Nadezda Golubeva (cello).