Hop aboard the new Turibus to get your bearings in Cancun

Cancun's new Turibus offers a fresh way to see the city. (PHOTO: sipse.com)

CANCUN — ADO has unveiled its new Turibus, a concept that offers Cancun visitors a new way to view the city. 

On Friday, ADO presented it’s new Turibus at the Cancun terminal. The concept is designed as a safe, comfortable way for tourists to experience downtown Cancun as well as the Cancun Hotel Zone. The open air bus will tour passengers through main areas of the city, the hotel zone and main attractions.

Julio García Flores, regional manager for ADO said, “We want to show off our city to anyone traveling nationally and internationally and increase tourism in Cancun,” adding that the intention is to show the beauty and splendor of Cancun.

The new bus consists of two levels that can accommodate up to 60 passengers and is complete with free WiFi. Turibus will offer city tours in six languages and will operate from 1:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. The cost for Turibus is around $17 US for tourists and 100 peso for locals.

Cancun's new Turibus offers a fresh way to see the city. (PHOTO: sipse.com)
Cancun’s new Turibus offers a fresh way to see the city. (PHOTO: sipse.com)

Roberto León Gómez, commercial manager of Grupo ADO for the Caribbean Region, says that, “Turibus is another alternative for travelers to leave their hotels and visit restaurants, beaches, shopping malls, museums or other tourist sites.”

ADO’s new Turibus service is expected to begin during the first week of November at which time they will also announce their specific points of service. There are currently 45 Turibuses in operation in Mexico, including service in Merida.

Víctor Cortez Melo, national Turibus director, says they expect to add a second Turibus to Cancun next month.

Last week, ADO put 40 new first-class buses in circulation to accommodate their Cancun to Merida, Chetumal-Cancun and Playa del Carmen routes. The new buses are reported to be an investment of 500 million pesos.

Source: riviera-maya-news.com