Spider monkeys escape at Tizimín Zoo and attack two people

On Saturday July 23, two spider monkeys escaped from their cages at “La Reina” Zoo in Tizimín, Yucatán.

It took more than six hours to Zoo employees, a group of municipal police officers and even firefighters, to catch one of these animals.

Around eleven o’clock in the morning on Saturday July 23, visitors had to be evacuated from the Zoo, as the animals attacked two people. It was reported that one of the monkeys attacked Wismar Argaez Peraza, 33, biting him in the right calf; and another person who said his name was Manuel was also bit by the same animal. Both were treated by paramedics from theh Tizimin municipal police.

The monkeys escaped from their cages when employees did not lock the door properly after feeding them. As they escaped, the animals immediately climbed on top of the trees, so Zoo staff had to request support from municipal police and firefighters.

Zoo staff had to request support from municipal police and firefighters (Photo: Diario de Yucatán)

One of the monkeys was caught in a matter of minutes, but the other one gave a hard time to emergency personnel as it took them nearly seven hours to catch it.

Firefighters and police, with the help of ropes, nets and food repeatedly tried to lure one of the animals, and they finally caught it around 5 pm.

On Sunday July 24, the Zoo was open to the public again, and this time two peacocks were reported out of their cage and wandering around the Zoo, until employees caught them and put them back in captivity.

It is worth mentioning that the zoo keeper, Eddie Pérez Castillo, did not show up during the whole weekend to take control of these situations.

Source: http://yucatan.com.mx/