Man gunned down in broad daylight on the streets of Cancun

Photo: YAM

A man was gunned down in broad daylight in the superblock 66 of Cancun, agents of the Quintana Roo Ministerial Police, and Expert Services personnel arrived at the site to cordon off the area, start an investigation and remove the body.

Around 8:30 in the morning on Wednesday, August 10th, citizens called the 911 emergency number to notify the authorities of an attack with a knife on 11th Street, superblock 66, for which the assistance of an ambulance was required.

After several minutes of waiting, a medical unit arrived at the site, however, paramedics, when trying to provide first aid to the wounded man, declared him dead at the scene.

The individual, who was wearing a green flag shirt, blue jeans, a yellow worker’s helmet, and an anti-reflective vest, was left lying face down on the sidewalk.

For this reason, the municipal police cordoned off the crime scene and the Prosecutor of the Public Ministry was notified to indicate the appropriate instructions in compliance with the tasks of directing the investigation of the punishable acts.

Minutes later, agents of the Ministerial Police and criminal experts arrived at the site, the latter carried out the removal of the body and transferred it to the Forensic Medical Service for autopsy.

Likewise, according to information collected at the scene, neighbors indicated that the homicide would be an alleged robbery, however, it will be the authorities based on the investigations who will determine the crime.

TYT Newsroom