First State Popular Art Contest announced in Mérida

In an effort to preserve and promote the artisan traditions of the state of Yucatan,.

Valeria Torres, illustrations made with love to México

Everyday scenes in Mexican culture are always filled with vibrant colors, unique shapes, and delightful.

Ramón López Velarde: Google honors the timeless Mexican poet with Doodle

Today, Google pays tribute to Ramón López Velarde, one of Mexico’s most celebrated poets of.

Frida Kahlo’s timeless elegance, an integral part of her artistic persona

Frida Kahlo, the iconic Mexican artist, is celebrated not only for her extraordinary talent but.

“Vanguardias Pictóricas” an art exhibition with interesting proposals

The work and sensitivity in the strokes of 36 paintings give life to Vanguardias Pictóricas,.

Angela Gurria: Sculpting the essence of Mexican artistry

Angela Gurria stands as a prominent sculptor whose creations evoke the spirit and beauty of.

Inauguration of the Thesis + Graft Exhibition

Works with social themes such as inequality, violence, family, among others, are presented in the.

Museo Tamayo celebrates contemporary art in Mexico City

“Cultivate. Tribute to Carla Stellweg” and “The Paradoxes of Internationalism (narrated by the collection of.

Embrace the world of art galleries

In an increasingly digital age where screens dominate our lives, it is essential to seek.

Talavera: The art and history of Mexican Ceramics

Talavera is a type of Mexican pottery that has been produced in Mexico since the.


The ‘American Dream’ ends up for a dog that crossed illegally from Tijuana to the U.S. (Watch Video)

This week, a video went viral showing a dog crossing from Tijuana to the United States after several migrants took…

Progreso veteran fisherman dies at sea

Despite feeling unwell in the days leading up to the incident, Mr. Ramiro Lara Castillo, around 50 years old, was…

Foundation announces free mammograms at Merida’s Plaza Grande

To commemorate 15 years of providing assistance, guidance, and support to individuals battling breast cancer, the Tócate México Foundation is…

Expert from Qatar shares security programs with Yucatán

As part of the efforts led by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal's administration to preserve and strengthen social peace and the…

How does having an ‘Emotional Support Barbie’ can improve your mental health?

Barbie, the world's most famous doll, continues to surprise, and this time it's not just for her success at the…